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Student Council

Tseikuru TTI Student Council

For better coordination, Tseikuru TTI has an empowered students through establishment of a student self governance body called the student council.

The council is governed by elected student leaders who run their affairs pertaining to their general welfare vis-à-vis social, financial and academic, as per the approved constitution. The association articulates issues on behalf the students.

This association prepares programmes for entertainment, cultural and social activities. The elections of the officials are held annually and are coordinated by the Office of the Dean of Students. After elections, the dean of students organizes for leadership training to equip the newly elected officials with leadership skills.

Currently these are the leaders of the student council;

  1. Isaiah Wamalwa Chairperson
  2. Emmanuel Osiya Secretary
  3. Racheal Mwae Vice Chair
  4. Brian Ochieng Member
  5. Barrack Odero Member
  6. Joseph Kaiga Member
  7. Betty Komen Member
  8. Kepha Ooko Member