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Ref. No: AN/02/2020   July 06, 2020 03:28 |  Admin

All students current and prospective should wait for official communication from the institution on their opening dates.

Ref. No: AN/01/2020   June 30, 2020 03:43 |  Admin

All staff members to prepare for resumption of the training soon. All measures are being taken to ensure that the institute meets the irreducible minimums before September.

Ref. No: AN/03/2019   February 12, 2019 03:28 |  Admin

We have resumed Training today . Welcome and train with us.

Ref. No: AN/04/2019   February 05, 2019 03:27 |  Admin

KUCCPS is now open for applications. Deadline is 23rd this month Be informed

Ref. No: AN/02/2018   October 17, 2018 03:27 |  Admin

The Principal, Tseikuru TTi currently at county Fm up to 10:00. Tune in, listen in and ask questions. Thank you.

Ref. No: AN/01/2018   July 11, 2018 05:37 |  Admin

Tseikuru Technical Training institute wishes to inform all potential applicants who did their KCSE in previous years and managed to score D-, D, D+, C- and above that Technical Training is now FREE. We shall assist you register with KUCCPS (deadline 15th/08/2018) and HELB and you can start your dream career today.