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Dual TVET Programme Office

Dual TVET Programme

Tseikuru Technical Training InstituteIndustrial Partnership / Collaboration Coordinator
Eng. John Irungu
Industrial Partnership / Collaboration Coordinator
Message from Programme Coordinator

‘So far we have a remarkable milestone in the implementation of the Dual Tvet Programme in Tseikuru Natianal Polytechnic. The future of the program is a game changer not only to to the learners who will be competitive in labour market, but also to the Industries in Kenya, and especially those who will embrace the dual training program’

What is Dual TVET?

Dual TVET stands for Dual Technical and Vocational Education and Training. It is a TVET educational approach that combines theoretical classroom instruction with practical workplace training. The term "dual" refers to the parallel learning that takes place both in TVET College and in actual workplaces or industry settings.

How Dual TVET works

Dual TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) is a significant component of Kenya's efforts to develop a skilled and progressive workforce for economic development. The program was initiated in 2019, by the Ministry of Education, through the State Department of TVET

How Will Student Benefit From Dual TVET

The dual TVET approach aims to bridge the gap between education and the labor market by providing students with relevant, industry-specific skills and knowledge. During dual TVET, students spend at least 50% of their training program duration in the industry, while the remaining time is dedicated to classroom education in the TVET College