Notice!! This is to notify all bidders that the opening of tenders has been extended from Thursday 10th June 2021 to Thursday 17th June 2021 at 11:00 AM.

Deputy Principal

Tseikuru Technical Training Institute Deputy Principal
Mr. Meshack Munyithya
Deputy Principal

A Message From The Deputy Principal

Tseikuru Technical Training Institute is a public institution and invites everyone for an opportunity to train with us in the various courses available. The office of the deputy principal ensures quality training by ensuring that learning materials are procured in time

The institute is divided into various departments to enable efficient delivery of services. The office of Dept Principal coordinates these departments for smooth operations

The institute participates in drama, sports, and TVET Fairs to help students nurture their talents through innovations.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Training
  • In charge of all aspects of the Institute administration when the Principal is away
  • Responsible to the Principal for Guidance and of teachers and trainees as well as ensuring that proper discipline is maintained in the Institute
  • Ensuring that examinations and assessments are carried out and that proper
  • Scheduling of institutional programs
  • Responsible to the Principal for the organization and supervision of the Institute activities including maintaining cleanliness and general repairs of buildings
  • In charge of stores requisitions and the maintenance of proper inventory records
  • Responsible to the Principal for the supervisions of teaching staff and other Institute employees in the proper discharge of tuition programs
  • Secretary to the staff meetings
  • Any other related duties as maybe assigned by the Principal