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Dean of Students

Tseikuru Technical Training Institute Dean of Students
Mr. Josiah Kasimba
Dean of Students

A Message From The Dean of Students

I take this moment to welcome all the students in Tseikuru Technical Training Institute. Our office is always open and ready to dialogue with the student to offer the neccessary help and advice where possible.

Tseikuru Technical Training Institute office of the dean of students is incharge of all student affairs that relate to their life at the institution.

The dean of student will work closely with the students to ensure that they are provided with conducive environment for their taining. This office works closely with the administration to ensure that the affairs of the students are taken into consideration.

The office ensures that the students who have paid for their accommodation with the institute get that service. However, the institute cannot guarantee accommodation to all students. The service is offered on first-come first-serve basis.

Therefore, should there be any complains from the student fraternity, kindly visit our offices in the Electrical and Electronic Eng Building, opposite the Registrar's office. Alternatively, you can write a note and drop in the suggestion box available in the institute.

Student Council

For better coordination, TSK TTI has an empowered students through establishment of a student self governance body called the student council. The council is governed by elected student leaders who run their affairs pertaining to their general welfare vis-à-vis social, financial and academic, as per the approved constitution. The association articulates issues on behalf the students.

This council prepares programmes for entertainment, cultural and social activities. The elections of the officials are held annually and are coordinated by the Office of the Dean of Students. After elections, the dean of students organizes for leadership training to equip the newly elected officials with leadership skills.

Catering and Accomodation

Catering and Accomodation section oversee the catering services and accommodation to students pursuing their academic studies. Tseikuru Technical Training Institute has hostels to accommodate students.

However, the accommodation is on first come first serve basis. The institution does not guarantee accommodation to all. Students who miss out on allocation of institution hostels can make arrangement to rent rooms in Tseikuru town.

More hostels are under construction to enable more willing students be accommodated within the institution.

Guidance and Counselling

The Guidance and Counseling unit promotes and facilitates students’ personality, social and intellectual development.